Accounting For: Businesses

Gain control over your business with tailored financial guidance to make informed decisions on your tax obligations and profitability.

Adding a customized tax plan will provide you with timely information to help you grow your business while being prepared for year end taxes.


I can help you access financial information about your business to make daily business decisions simpler and more informed. I am dedicated to learning about your business so that I may advise on your tax obligations and profitability.

My services depend on each clients needs and include:


Business Set up - Entity structure strategy and implementation

Technology review - use current up to date resources

Tax Efficiency Analysis

Advisory coaching - we educate on best business practices

Business growth strategy

Customized plan for your business goals

Accounting System Set up and Efficiency Optimization

Business Tax Compliance

Business Tax returns

1096/1099 reporting

Sales Tax reporting

Calculate estimated payments

Resolve IRS and NYS issues/notices

Accounting Essentials

Online accounting systems

Online transaction tracking

Monthly reconciliations

Cash flow discussions and projections

Quarterly financial discussions

Make accounting entries and post payroll transactions

Provide insight on tax questions/issues

Review and discuss financial goals with management

Tax planning

Streamline tax season with an empowering plan based on a detailed review of your financial situation to prepare for the year ahead. Discover the effects of your business on your individual tax returns. Gain support throughout the year.

The tax laws are complex and I’m here to navigate that for you. I consider the important details required to save you tax dollars legally and successfully.

My services are based on each client’s individual needs and include:

Individual Tax Prep

Prepare Individual Federal & State Taxes

Calculate Quarterly Estimates

Form Tax Projections

Maximize Deductions and Credit Opportunities

Catch Up on Non-Filed Tax Returns

Gain Support Throughout the Year


We provide effective support and strategy to grow your business